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Andrea Gibson.


Andrea Gibson.

"The only way my life makes sense is if, regardless of culture, race, religion, tribe, there is this commonality, these essential human truths and passions and hopes and moral precepts that are universal. And that we can reach out beyond our differences. If that is not the case, then it is pretty hard for me to make sense of my life. So that is at the core of who I am."

—  Barack Obama (via cheerstocrazy)

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Posted on 6 May, 2012
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"Our true nationality is mankind."

—  H.G Wells (via situationperfect)

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Posted on 23 December, 2011
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"They who say that we should love our fellow-citizens but not foreigners, destroy the universal brotherhood of mankind, with which benevolence and justice would perish forever."

—  Cicero

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Posted on 13 August, 2011

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