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Have you ‘come out’ to those close to you?

Being a member of both the LGBT and atheist communities, I’ve seen a lot of parallels between the two—especially in how it can be difficult to publicly self-identify as either when your family or friends disagree. Based on conversations I’ve had with other humanists and atheists as well as the results from this poll conducted here on TDH, this isn’t an unusual situation.

So tell me, followers—have you come out of the not-so-Godfearing closet?

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Posted on 29 April, 2012


By your request, I’m going to be researching and writing up biographies on some famous humanists to share here. My question for you is: 

Who would you like to see profiled, and what information would you find essential to an accurate portrait?

Question for you, followers!

If you have religious family members, how do you feel about participating in holiday celebrations with them? Do you celebrate secularly, boycott, play along to make your relatives happy…?

Followers, I’m curious: how many of you were raised with a religious background? How many of you grew up with atheism/humanism/nontheism/skepticism?

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Posted on 12 March, 2012

Holy crap, guys!

I try not to make personal posts on this blog too often, but this deserves some attention. Normally I get one or two reblogs a day, and have a steady 55 or so followers, which is more than I expected in the first place—but this morning I signed on and discovered that the blog exploded overnight! Eight new followers now (six when I first checked), and so many reblogs and likes, they don’t all fit into one screenshot. You guys are amazing!

I am just so excited that I’m doing something y’all like—and I want to keep it up! So tell me—what is it you want to see more of? Quotes, photos, questions, polls? Let me know!


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Posted on 12 March, 2012

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